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Here's To You 2022

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Well hello 2022! You came in here sort of like a ninja. We are looking around not knowing what to expect but are pretty sure something is coming. This is the reality of things for us right now. We are in a pandemic. We are dealing with health, family, jobs, schooling, children and just everyday stressors. But there is good news. I know you may be like , good news? Tarsha, what is that? If you are reading this you should realize you have a CHOICE to choose joy on a daily basis. You see fear is the thief of joy and you can choose today that it does not get to come into your house and steal (just like a ninja).

Most people set big and lofty goals for the new year and often get disappointed when they don’t come to pass. Can I offer you a suggestion? How about the small decision of joy just for today? Here is why I say that. I have looked over 2021 and I could dwell on all the things I got wrong, but how would that profit me?

Instead, I spoke with my amazing Admin Assistant Erica and she listed for me all the things we accomplished with Gibbons Family Fitness last year and let me tell you, our achievements were amazing. I looked at the relationship with my son and I felt so privileged to travel with his basketball team and be the mom making the sandwiches. I appreciated how my husband and I overcame so much and are evolving as a team. By choosing joy, I look for signs of it or do my best to create it. It can be uncomfortable making joy appear out of thin air, and trust me, I was uncomfortable most of the times I tried, but I was certainly not afraid. That is the key. Without minimizing what is going on in the world, I found that choosing joy meant I could control my little world at home.

Now that we have agreed to choose joy for 2022, what are some of the other things you want to accomplish this year? Are you setting yourself up for success? Figure out where you are versus where you want to be. Is this a 3 month goal, 6 months, 1 year? Then break it down by month, then by week, then by day. It should look something like this; I have committed to reading 12 books this year for personal growth and enjoyment. I will read 1 book per month. I will break the book down into chapters to see how many I need to read weekly to finish by the end of the month. Then I set my page limit daily and get to reading. By the way this is a physical book because I am a highlighter, underliner and note writer in all of my books. You couldn’t borrow them :) See how that approach to breaking down a goal works? I know you can do this!

If you have a weight loss goal it would work the same exact way. Set a realistic goal and then break it down. When you put goals into small doable steps, you gain momentum and motivation as you see your progress. Can I let you in on a little secret? You usually wind up finishing faster. You know why? Who doesn’t like accomplishing a goal like a ROCKSTAR!

2022 is going to be exciting around here. We have some pretty cool projects we are going to be working on. One is a weight loss journey with one special woman that we will debut this month. There will be some live chats and we may have a subscriber challenge. You can find out all the info on our YouTube channel. Here’s to you in 2022!

We are cheering you on. Remember to choose joy, don’t let fear in your house. Something that stuck with me when I used to be a Mary Kay consultant is that I learned that you can eat whole elephant if you take just one bite at a time. :)

One last thing in order to spread some joy in this new year, would you do me a favor? Share with me your favorite moments of 2021 and post it somewhere that you can see them everyday. Let them be a reminder that there were some bright spots last year. Now let’s make some more! See my favorites below. You are Amazing!

My son and I

With The FAMILY!

The Dream Team

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