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Pay Yourself First

Here are some thoughts on success in a Forbes article from James Cash Penny, the founder of JC Penny “Though plenty of people want to be successful, only a self-selected few will even come close." I could not agree with this statement more. In other words, if you are willing to buckle down and commit yourself to doing the hard work it takes to achieve big goals, you can be one of them. Using fitness as a catalyst is a surefire way to pave your path to success.

What I have noticed is we tend to have moments of success but we usually don’t live a perpetual life of success. Do you notice that you may be rocking it in one area of life, but not so much in others? I have noticed this in my own life more than I care to admit. To be completely honest, I have limited my potential success because I stop when I feel something is "good enough". That hurts just to write it. Can we take "good enough" out of our vocabulary?

When you become complacent it translates to, I know it can be better but I am not willing to go that far or I don’t feel like doing what it is going to take for that result or I did not prepare properly for this to be excellent, so this is going to have to be good enough. Oh my goodness…

Can I share something with you? Just because you don’t FEEL like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Your feelings are a natural sense and can be deceiving at times especially when it requires discomfort. They usually are momentary and when they go against what you know is logically beneficial you have to ignore them. You have to push past them. When you push past the point of discomfort, you usually find yourself in a better place.

The same way you push past your feelings of not wanting to go to work but show up anyway because you have bills

to pay. You need that same reasoning for yourself when you know you need to go workout or not eat the fried chicken. You are trying to live a long healthy life just like you are trying to have money to enjoy it.

Treat your body the same way you treat someone else’s business that you show up to daily. The difference is that this paycheck is paid in longer days here on the earth. Live your life by design not by default. Pay yourself in health and wealth and success will follow suit. Good health allows you to thrive, not just survive. I am cheering you on my friends and if no one told you today “You are Amazing”.

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