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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

I’m Tarsha Gibbons, I’m a wife, believer, basketball mom, entrepreneur, business owner, redeemed lover of honey buns and most of all a fitness professional. I say those things out loud and it may sound impressive, but really I am just another person out here, trying to change lives and make a difference in any small way.

I come from humble beginnings. I stumbled into a life of health and wellness because I was overweight. I was not feeling my best and looking for a change. I found myself at Bally’s Total Fitness. Yes y’all, Bally’s I’m a 90’s fitness chick. Come on spandex and high-tops. But seriously, I found myself in love with fitness. I loved the results. I worked my way up from walking to running, from 1 aerobics class to two, from 2 days a week to 4. I also added in strength training and cut down on the fast food. I became strong with my body having definition.

There was no magic formula. I crawled before I walked, I walked before I ran, and I was running full speed ahead until 3 years ago. I found the scale had went up by 15 pounds.

Life happened, appointments happened, career moves, late nights, early mornings, excuses and I, being a fitness professional, found the scale a scary place to stand. Month after busy month, the pounds crept up, the snacks rolled in and I found myself wishing I was FEELING different. This was a new place for me. I've had a successful fitness regimen for over 22 years and now I had been going back and forth for the last 3 years. It was also discouraging because I teach fitness.

So I made a plan to let y’all in on my truth. I stepped on the scale and I put my business out there for you to see. Now it's 4 weeks later and I’ll tell you what's going on. I had to realize I was in a new season in my life and the things that use to work are not having the same effect on my body as previously. The first 2 weeks the scale moved and I lost 4 pounds. Then my schedule started up again these last 2 weeks and I am back to where I started. I know the difference this time. The scale is not going to determine if I work out or not. Can I encourage you? If you know the number on the scale is going to discourage you, don't get on it. Just let your clothes, people, and how you feel tell you what you need to know.

Here is what I recognized for myself and has been true for many of my clients - My mind was fighting me at every turn and I know better but, found myself giving in. This is where the real battle is. My body will move if I move it. I had to tell the workout hindering thoughts "Oh I am going anyway, feelings, you don't get a vote". You know what happened as I kept telling myself that I kept getting up and going. Now those thoughts don't come with as much force and subside as I put my workout clothes on :). I have to be my own cheerleader and champion. This way circumstances don't dictate how I will show up for myself today. I had to make a concrete decision. I am locked in. I am prepared to prosper. I am first. It may not be convenient but I am worth it. I am beautiful now. I believe all these things about me and you today friend.

Say something positive about yourself in the comments. Then go be AMAZING!! I am cheering you on.

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