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Gibbons Family Fitness is a health and wellness company that believes “You are amazing!”

Our focus is to instruct and guide families and individuals

toward a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness classes,

nutrition education workshops and group wellness coaching.

Our team of fitness and health professionals work side by side with everyone from

exercise beginners to seasoned athletes and

from children to seniors.

The ultimate goal is to build strong bodies and disciplined minds

while having a lifestyle of wellness and fun.

We are a certified MWBE for NYC and NY State.


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What We Do

We open the world of wellness and customize programs to give all people the opportunity to explore a variety of resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

We service the tri-state area for individuals, families, after school programs, faith-based and community outreach organizations, corporations, city school districts and government agencies.

We are the solution. 

Let our team of health and fitness professionals guide you step by step.

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I’m a NYC employee and one of Tarsha Gibbons’ many fans — and I cannot express how important her online Toning & Conditioning class has been to me. As a 58-year-old African American woman, I appreciate her training technique and her friendly, encouraging tone. She ignited in me a desire to continue this type of exercise daily...forever!

Diane Jones Randall

"Nothing compares to your class yet!!!!!!"

Donna Maldonado

 I started working out with Tarsha at the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine 3 times a week. Now, I have a waist!  I have toned arms! That "school teacher arm" GONE! That side and back bulge significantly smaller, still a work in progress. My knees feel so much better from all the squats and different leg exercises we've done. My thighs and calves are toned from said exercises. And most importantly, I didn't gain any weight during Covid! I didn't have to buy any new clothes because the old ones didn't fit.  The old ones actually fit better now than they did prior to Covid! I've been incorporating her tips and tricks for better nutrition, different meals, meal planning. In short, I feel better both physically and mentally!

Marlene M. 

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